A Note On West Pune's Infrastructure Developments

A Note On West Pune's Infrastructure Developments

16th May 2019

Western Pune includes the suburbs of Baner, Aundh, Balewadi and Hinjawadi among others. Baner and Aundh are known as some of the best developed and most coveted places to live in Pune while Hinjawadi is the heart of the IT hub that is Pune city. It is home to many of the IT Parks and SEZs where offices of around 300 IT and ITeS companies are located. Hence, Western Pune is considered one of the more progressive and developed places to live in. People are drawn to these suburbs either for the lifestyle they offer or for the proximity to workplaces, particularly for those in the IT and ITeS sector. Another important factor is the continuing plans for improvement of infrastructure and civic amenities.

Future homes - 3D printing in Construction & Real estate industry.

Future homes - 3D printing in Construction & Real estate industry.

20th Feb 2019

Two events, small in bearing yet big on viable impact have occurred very recently in the construction industry. Even though these events occurred outside India, the ripple waves have a probability of reaching us sooner than later. Both events are rooted in realism, qualifying them for our attention and awe. First, a 3D Concrete Printing Facility Opened in Eindhoven, the Netherlands with 4 orders to 3D print bridges and to 3D print five homes already in place. While Eindhoven itself occupies an area of roughly 88.87 km², it is known for certain prowess and active hustle and bustle of 3D printing technology. And some of its bustles seem to now have given the proverbial knock on doors of the construction industry by securing commercial orders to 3D print homes and bridges.

Clean Bengaluru Message by Rohan Builders Plogging Party

Clean Bengaluru Message by Rohan Builders Plogging Party

20th Feb 2019

A "Clean Bengaluru" message was unequivocally reaffirmed by Rohan Builders, sixty enthusiastic students and citizens on 16th Feb at Rohan Upavan, Hennur Road, Bengaluru. Special thanks to DesignSense, the residents of Fern Meadows and students from Oasis International, Brighton and NICC who showed up and were very dedicated to the task. The old, the young and those in the middle joined the cleanliness drive and 'went at' the problem areas with zealous spirit. The keen sense and sincere will to contribute to a better neighborhood saw the students give their all despite the morning heat.

hennur road infrastructure and amenities

Hennur Road – Evaluating infrastructure and amenities in the vicinity

8th March 2018

Hennur Road is found just outside the Outer Ring road in Bangalore. Hennur lines up in the north of Bangalore alongside major thriving areas of the city like Banaswadi, HBR layout and Hebbal. The areas that come under Hennur are HRBR layout, Kacharakanahalli, Hormavu and Agara, Ganga Nagar and Ashoka Nagar.The zone is very quiet and just a couple of years back was thought to be a part of the outskirts of the city. In any case, with the extensive real estate blast, the entire region has transformed into an urban town of sorts and has now turned out to be home to the most prestigious schools, universities, banks, shopping centres and different amenities that are basic for having a decent lifestyle.

real estate in india

Real Estate in India 2018 - Growth, Opportunity and Challenges

5th February 2018

The year 2017 has set an unexpected benchmark for the real estate sector of India. With the demonetization in the year 2016, the first quarter of 2017 had the real estate sector reeling along with the economy, with land sales reaching a point of stagnation due to the requirement of payments made in cash.  By the time the markets were ready to stabilize, GST and RERA came into form which created an added tension amongst buyers and sellers alike. In anticipation of the final RERA notifications, buyers held back purchases.


What Is A Loan Subvention Scheme And How Does It Work

20th December 2017

Real Estate Developers across the country are offering innovative finance schemes to end-use buyers and investors of property. These finance structures which come packaged with the mortgage on homes have been a big draw for all. Called as interest rate subvention schemes these offers are nothing but usual mortgage finance structured to provide payment flexibility and ease burden on the buyers. The term has been derived from the latin term ‘subventus’ or “to help”.

apartment in Pune

Top 10 Areas For Buying a 1, 2 & 3 BHK Apartment in Pune

15th December 2017

Pune, ranked as the seventh most populous city in the country has come a long way. It is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. Pune has over the last few years gained the reputation of being one of the most sought-after locations to settle at after retirement. Of course, leaving aside retirement, this city is desirable for one to settle down. There are various factors that add to the charm of Pune. Unlike most places in Maharashtra, Pune boasts of a pleasant climate all year round. Although every year, the population density here is growing, it’s a much more peaceful city than others in India. Its proximity to the bustling city of dreams, Mumbai, is an added factor. Pune is also considerably neater and safer.

top 5 Indian cities where you can buy penthouses

Top 5 Indian cities where you can buy best penthouses

31st October 2017

The introduction of RERA, GST and Demonetization might have slowed the affordable home segment in real estate but the luxury segment seems to have been performing just as good as always. Demand for luxury housing projects with extravagant amenities such as private access and high end customization seems to be increasing consistently in most of the metro cities. A significant number of expats too have poured their investment into the luxury segment of real estate. However, there are several factors that are attracting investment in this segment from home buyers. The most critical factor that drives traction in luxury home segment is location of the project. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 places where you would get the best value for purchasing a penthouse.  

Hennur Road

Hennur Road – The housing location of pride in north Bangalore

27th October 2017

Hennur Road, which till not so long ago, was a village on the city’s outskirts, has now emerged as a real estate destination of ‘real’ promise. In this article, we look at the evolution of this new hotspot and what does it have to offer.

flats for sale in bangalore

Best 5 Localities for Buying a 1, 2 & 3 BHK Apartment in Bangalore

18th October 2017

As real estate prices are soaring, it is very much necessary to know where to put your money. If you have been in Bangalore for a while now or are planning to stay put, in fact even as just an investment, this is the perfect city to buy a flat. So if you have made up your mind on buying a flat, this article will be your guide to choose the perfect locality.


flats for sale in bangalore

Make Your 1-BHK Home Look More Spacious Instantly In 5 Minutes a Day

1st October 2017

Space management becomes essential when you live in a 1BHK home. While 1BHK flats for sale in Bangalore, Delhi or any other metropolitan area may seem appealing on the DIY videos for storage management, utilizing the space in an ideal manner is a whole other ball game. If moving in to your dream house makes you think twice about staying, especially because of the space constraint, it is time for you to put on your thinking hats and get down to business. All you need is a hint of optimism, un-wavered will power and a minimum of 5 minutes a day.

How Technology Has Changed The Process of Buying Homes

How Technology Has Changed The Process of Buying Homes

15th September 2017

Technology has changed the way we do things. The way we shop, the way we socialize, the way we buy groceries, travel and most importantly, the way we buy a home. Today 45% of the people prefer using technology to look for a home on a computer, whereas only an 11% prefer using traditional methods like newspapers listings. Sure, they each have their advantages, but the question comes down to which is more efficient and reliable. Technology has changed the real estate game completely.

Real Estate Terminology

7 Basic Real-Estate Terminologies to Know Before Hunting for a New Home

1st September 2017

Choosing the right home is always a difficult feat to achieve. The absolute right choice is clear only after you take all the critical factors in consideration and evaluate them carefully. It all starts with the basic step, i.e. knowing what you want. Do you want a big house or a medium? Do you want a house by the side of a happening and busy street? Or out by the country-side with no hustle and bustle. It is always a smart idea to consult experts or informative articles regarding properties and their various features. Due to the dynamic environment and the ever-increasing real-estate prices, it is always suggested you be on the smarter side of the spectrum and know exactly where your money is being invested in.

flats in pune

Benefits of Owning a Home You Probably Didn’t Know

17th August 2017

Home, sweet home! A phrase we may not be using as much as we truly feel it. Merely a flat is not home. Home is what you invest yourself in, where you feel content after a tiring day at work. But these are only the seasonings. The base ingredient to being at home is owning it yourself. Granted, purchasing a home is no trivial decision but isn’t that what makes the experience one to cherish. Yes, the prices are surging and of course, it’s not the easiest process. So, what is so alluring about possession of a home?

goods and service tax

How will GST affect top builders in Bangalore?

23rd June 2017

The real estate sector, as one of India’s chief contributors and backbone of national GDP, will be immensely affected due to some significant actions instigated by the Government of India. This includes the most awaited tax reforms namely GST (Goods and Service Tax) Bill followed by the commencement of RERA and demonetization.

Rohan Akriti

Rohan Akriti – Engineered with PLUS Homes Concept

16th June 2017

Rohan Akriti, diligently designed homes by Rohan Builders located 1Km off Kanakpura road, is an ideal residential apartment project in the well-connected South Bangalore providing plush greenery, ample amenities, and homes designed with the concept of PLUS Homes.

key policies introduced by the govt. of India to boost housing sector

Key initiatives by Govt. of India to boost the Housing sector

15th June 2017

With the commencement of the year 2017, there have been many optimistic amendments and policies defined by the Government of India which intend to form a strong foundation with the help of intelligent economic management, eventually resulting in a robust economy. As regards to real estate sector, there have been many policy amendments and regulations that aim to cause a long-term potential impact on the real estate sector.

Viman Nagar – Nagar Road Realty Belt

Why Viman Nagar – Nagar Road Realty Belt is the best for real estate investment?

8th June 2017

Less than two decades ago, a visit to a newly opened restaurant on Nagar Road belt was like a trip out of the city, it was only a highway connecting Pune to Ahmednagar. Over the past decade, the area has witnessed significant development with wider roads and better connectivity to other parts of the city. Today, this eastern belt of Pune is bustling with sprawling residential complexes, five-star hotels, malls, educational institutions and restaurants.

11 ways to make your home look more spacious

11 Ways to make your home look more spacious

2nd June 2017

Are you tired of same old antiquated methods used for aligning your room? Do you feel like your home looks too stuffy and mundane? Well, there are many tips and techniques you could incorporate in your home to make it look more airy and spacious. 

how to identify top builders in India

Top Builders in India: How to select a builder in India?

27th May 2017

Building your own house is an important event of our life but it needs utmost care. You need to make sure that you are deeply involved in all the procedural steps during the construction, so as to get the quality and customize your house according to your needs. However, this whole venture is no walk in the park. This is why, it is extremely necessary for you to find a Trustworthy builder. Now choosing a Top Builder in India can get confounding, as there are so many options to choose from.

How Bangalore Traffic affects Home Buyers’ choice

How Bangalore Traffic affects Home Buyers’ choice

19th May 2017

It’s safe to say that Bangalore is notorious for its unbearable traffic. Although traffic delays are a norm across the city, they’re particularly hard on office goers who commute to the edges of the city where many suburban business centers such as technology parks are established, providing employment to a large number of people. This includes the areas of Whitefield, Electronic City, Nagawara, Marathahalli & Bellandur region on the Outer Ring Road.

Township Living

Township Living

2nd May 2017

Economic, social and health needs of humans have always motivated them to live close to each other and in vicinity of functional infrastructure. Earlier it was water and agriculture, and in the modern era’s urban areas it’s more about jobs, roads, MRTS and other social infrastructure. The crux of it is that every human is chasing a good standard of living and means of employment. Industrial Townships by Indian conglomerates such as Reliance, Godrej, BHEL, SAIL and others are some of the first examples of quality habitation. But these primarily served interests of employees in such massive organizations. What does one do if one wants to live in close proximity of amenities such as schools, hospitals, malls, multiplexes similar to the employees of these companies? Basically what avenues are there for one choosing to walk to work and live a convenient life?

Young India

What Young India Wants?

2nd May 2017

“Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” (Food, Clothing and Housing) the age old adage is very relevant in today’s times as well. This particular post reflects the aspirations of a young India which is constantly looking to establish itself, much unlike the previous generations. To arrive in life, particularly in the Indian society, an individual is supposed to get settled at the earliest. The definition of settling down in life of an individual starts with an ‘owned home’.

Rohan Builders


28th April 2017

Tunnel form is a formwork system that allows the contractor to cast walls and slabs in one operation on a daily cycle.

PMAY CLSS scheme explained

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana - Explaining The Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme for MIGs

20th March 2017

It is with great delight, I wish to discuss the recent guidelines that have been notified for the ambitious Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) introduced by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation. The home buyers will benefit from the recent developments as it is for the first time that any national government has recognized the Middle Income Category (MIG) as ones needing some sort of financial support in their quest for a home.

Budget Analysis

Union Budget 2017 – Key Takeaways for Real Estate Sector

21st February 2017

In our pre budget note we had touched upon the themes of infrastructure, affordable housing and first home. The Prime Minister and his team seem to have considered these as a key focus while preparing the Union Budget 2017. This is in line with their vision of Housing for All by 2022. We continue to believe GST is one of the biggest measure that will lay strong foundation for Indian economy.  


Rohan Akriti, Kanakapura Road – Nestled In Nature

14th February 2017

Rohan Builders is expanding its Bangalore footprint with a recent addition to the city’s skyline, Rohan Akriti apartments. These uphold the concept of PLUS homes which stands for Perfect Ventilation, Lively Light, Utmost Privacy and Smart Space. Rohan Akriti is at a location that’s just about far enough from traffic - off Kanakapura Road - and yet close enough to Kanakapura Road’s sprawling social infrastructure.

Price Protection on Homes

Price Protection on Homes - A Long Overdue

13th January 2017
You’ve finally decided to buy a home but it is plagued with uncertainties, speculation, opinions and uncalled for advice. Relatable, isn’t it? That’s because a home is possibly the biggest purchase in one’s life.
Needless to say, there’s a plethora of doubts and fears in your mind before you finalize on anything. You might take into account about the location, the market reputation of the builder, the size, and the amenities but it all boils down to 1 simple question: is your investment safe? More so in today’s financial scenario where the markets are weighed down by demonetization, slow down and the anticipation for real estate prices to fall further.

2016 – The Year That Was in Indian Real Estate

2016 – The year that was, in Indian real estate

30th December 2016

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to reflect on the year that has just gone by. By any account, the year 2016 was extremely eventful, with major global and domestic events impacting the Indian economy and one of its biggest drivers, the real estate sector.

As the year dawned, sentiment was low on account of sluggish economic growth in preceding years and the real estate market reflected the same. However, optimism remained high for a revival in demand based on interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and predictions of a good monsoon. Implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations meant that housing demand from government employees was likely to rise.

Sarjapur-Marathahalli stretch of ORR

Real Estate Development at Sarjapur-Marathahalli stretch of ORR

29th October 2016

Real estate buyers and investors are always on lookout for options that are likely to appreciate in future along with the profile of the region. Be it a home buyer, investor or a real estate developer, one has to carefully identify areas for their investments. For a residential project to prosper, a customer’s convenience has to get top priority and hence, popular projects are planned in close proximity to growth corridors and employment centers; this ensures an ever increasing demand for the property and also a convenient lifestyle for the end user.

Rohan PLUS Homes – Engineering Your Dream Home

Rohan PLUS Homes – Engineering your dream home

18th October 2016

When you buy a home, you are making a major investment towards ensuring a better quality of life for your family and yourself. Naturally, you are entitled to expect your home to provide you a good quality healthy lifestyle. At Rohan, we design our homes, putting ourselves in your shoes and imagining ourselves as future residents.

Wagholi – Eastern Pune’s premier upcoming residential destination

Wagholi – Eastern Pune’s premier upcoming residential destination

9th September 2016

Until 5-7 years ago, if you were driving down to Pune via Pune-Nagar Road, you may or may not have registered passing Wagholi, a small village on the outskirts of Pune, only known for its Shiva temple and bustling market on either side of the road. How times change! Take the same road today and you just can’t miss being spellbound by the place.

Questions A Buyer Should Ask A Real Estate Developer In India

10 Questions A Buyer Should Ask A Real Estate Developer In India

2nd September 2016

Buying a property is one of the biggest moves one makes in their life. It requires financial planning, surveying properties and verifying credentials before doing the enormous paper work. Investing in an under construction property requires even more vigilance on the part of buyers given the growing tide of buyers’ grievances against developers and builders. However, one can take steps of their own and ensure that they are making their investment worth the effort. We have listed some important questions a new home buyer must get answers to from a shortlisted builder or developer.

Baner, Pune – A residential hotspot of Pune

Baner, Pune – A residential hotspot of Pune

21st August 2016

If you are considering living in western Pune, Baner is probably among the first localities to come to mind and with good reason. Baner has plenty to offer, whether you are a techie, an executive, an investor or even a Non-Resident Indian (NRIs).

The Case For Residential Investments at Kanakapura Road

The case for residential investments at Kanakapura road

9th August 2016

In the past, Kanakapura Road was known to Bangalore locals as just a state highway that connected all the towns in South Bangalore to Banashankari. The road connected Mysore and Chamarajanagar districts of Karnataka to Bangalore and often had travelers going to Coimbatore or Erode district on it.The areas around the road were largely inhabited by the farmers. With economic growth fostered by IT/ ITES sector boom in Bangalore Kanakapura Road like several other places in South Bangalore witnessed a trend of urbanization. South Bangalore benefits from proximity to older parts of town and was a natural extension to the city. Today, with its competitive property rates, rapidly improving connectivity and infrastructure development, Kanakapura Road is all about the future.

Rohan Avriti Banglore

Rohan Avriti at East Bangalore – “Surprisingly Private Property”

22nd July 2016

East Bangalore – the bustling IT hub of Bangalore city – is witnessing rapid development in the real estate sector. With a growing demand for residences in this part of Bangalore, it is no surprise that there are a plethora of options available for prospective clients to choose from, each with its own set of USPs and advantages. Rohan Builders have added to this growing range of residential investment options with their project Rohan Avriti.

Great Living, Engineered

Great Living, Engineered

4th July 2016

It has been 23 years since Rohan had its modest start with Abhimashree (Our first residential project in Pune), now we enter the 24th year with the beginning of 2016. As we step into a New Year and fresh beginnings, I call it the best time to renew my connection with you: our readers, peers and well-wishers. May 2016 augur happiness, prosperity and growth.

Over these 23 years I have had the pleasure of working with the best of minds with whom I have learnt, experimented and developed; and I can proudly say that Rohan has grown from being a small family owned business to a real estate and infrastructure conglomerate.

Pre-Budget Expectation for Real Estate Sector

Pre-Budget Expectation for Real Estate Sector

16th June 2016

The Budget 2016 session will be extremely critical for various sectors and real estate is no different. With sluggish demands, stalled projects, cash crunch, dwindling sales, rising debt levels, high inventory, delayed approvals, and negative consumer sentiment, the real estate sector is hoping for interventions in the budget for increasing buyer confidence & easy financing options.  

We are putting forward our expectations for the real estate sector from the Union Budget 2016: