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Make Your 1-BHK Home Look More Spacious Instantly In 5 Minutes a Day

1st October 2017

Space management becomes essential when you live in a 1BHK home. While 1BHK flats for sale in Bangalore, Delhi or any other metropolitan area may seem appealing on the DIY videos for storage management, utilizing the space in an ideal manner is a whole other ball game. If moving in to your dream house makes you think twice about staying, especially because of the space constraint, it is time for you to put on your thinking hats and get down to business. All you need is a hint of optimism, un-wavered will power and a minimum of 5 minutes a day.


Maximum Use of Vertical Space

One of the major advantages you can exploit in your 1BHK home is the wall space. The vertical space in your room could have cabinets, book shelves, foldable beds and foldable tables. Walls depict space when used properly. Rather than placing things on the floor, homeowners must use the added advantage of vertical heights to bring in more floor space. If you plan on having a book shelf, place the lighter books on top and the darker and thicker ones at the bottom. A foldable ladder could be used to access the shelves that march up above the doors and windows. Another way to use the vertical space is to have wide and long furnishings like long curtains, wide shelves etc. Yet another way of using the wall space is by using wallpapers for the ceiling. Anything that draws the attention upwards makes the room feel bigger.

High raised shelves free up floor space giving ample room for display and the need for more furniture is minimized.


Looking through French Windows

French windows tend to occupy a large space on a wall due to their floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Because of its sought-out design, it brings in ample amount of light and fresh air and illuminates the entire room. The French windows create a sense of space by drawing the eye to a faraway spot hence expanding the perceived depth of field. It invites the gaze beyond the home’s walls. Allowing natural illumination inside a room can open up the interior of your home making it look more spacious. A good amount of light will enter the room if the windows are made translucent.


The Art of Illusion

There are many ways in which you can trick the mind into believing that the room is bigger than it seems. A few include:-

  1. Mirrors: - A classic trick, the Mirror, can do wonders at making your home seem big. By creating a focal point and pointing the mirror towards it can create an illusion of depth. The mirrors could face the French windows or any source of natural light, making your room brighter. If not on a wall, the mirror could be placed on the cupboards, kitchen cabinet etc. Mount mirrors of different sizes at strategic places. Locating one at the corner of a room can increase illumination in a room.
  2. See-through décor: - Using see-through curtains in your bathroom, transparent glass tables or furniture will automatically make the room seem bigger. Using floor-to-ceiling curtains will also add an extra illusion of a wider room.


The Depth of Colors

The right colors can add depth and space into any small area. Colors which have a soothing and even-toned effect causes an illusion of a wider space. Colors like white, beige, light brown, grey and cream creates a magical effect in a small room. Use it on the ceiling and the walls of a room to create a sense of continuity. A lighter shade of rug and carpet can make a world of difference if the walls have a dark and strong color. Use dark shades for the furniture at minimal. Painting the wall trims and moldings with lighter colors can make the space feel more free and airy.


Choosing the right furniture

With the consistent development in home decor, multi-functional furniture is the smart way to go. There are many options available when it comes to smart furniture. The best source of ideas can be DIY videos available online. For instance, you can unlatch the table from the wall and use it as you wish. The bed can also be a foldable one. The level of innovation has become so advanced that you can buy a chic looking bed-cum-sofa-cum-table for a very reasonable rate. In a small home, the furniture is all about proportions. Furniture which is lower to the ground creates a sense of more roominess. Buy furniture which are high raised or have a visible and sturdy leg.

While choosing light and flexible furniture ensure that it has a storage cabinet within itself. That way you will have a place to store items like old clothes, CD’s, books etc.


Smart Storage

Be it big or small, a cluttered home will definitely look congested. Clearly, a small space does not provide the luxury of having a range of storage facilities. Although, what you can do is the use the available space to its maximum. Use individual storage boxes in the bathroom for grooming and cleaning supplies separately for easy maintenance. Your furniture like the sofa or the center table can have additional space below it. The same goes with the bed. The kitchen cabinets could pull out into levels of storage thereby providing more space for the utensils and the kitchen cleaning supplies. Build cabinets on top of the fridge, under the washbasin or under a sink for easy maintenance.


Wave your Own Magic Wand

There is always a sense of accomplishment when we do something ourselves. The DIY or the ‘do it yourself’ method gets your creative juices flowing. You can take help from online videos, magazines or just your pure intuition to make your home look the way you want. Large paintings in the middle of a wall can create an added illusion. If you want to get a little more adventurous, paint your walls with bold patterns to create a perception of roominess. You can separate a single room into various compartments by the use of carpets.


Professional Help

There is no denying that professional help can get the work done faster and more efficient in a short span of time. Let the professional know about your budget and expectations, and you will not be disappointed. It is a wise option to opt for an interior designer or any professional help as they will come out with ideas that might have never crossed your mind.


Easier said than done, it is always a tedious process and a commitment when it comes to renovating your home. It takes logic, skill and patience. Before you search for flats for sale in Bangalore, it is important you do thorough homework and know what you are getting yourself into.