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1 Modibaug

Shivaji Nagar, pune

3/4 BHK Apartments

PLUS rating

Ventilation – 9.2 | Light – 9.2 | Privacy – 9.2 | Space – 9.2


Step into 1 Modibaug and a special feeling gush through your body. You would feel like a king who has entered his Kingdom. Such is the way this entire project has been planned and executed. The best architects and consultants, loads of untiring thinking and relentless determination have led to the fruition of this idea. An idea that is a cut above the rest...

1 Modibaug

1 Modibaug is located in one of the prime areas of Pune and is a well-known landmark.  It is in the middle of the educational hub of the city with institutes like Pune University, Agriculture College, Symbiosis, Fergusson and also a stone’s throw away from hospitals, movie halls and malls.