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We co-exist. The inclusion of people and nature is integral to every undertaking. Each project is carefully shaped and a set of measures designed for environment & project sustainability are applied. Plans are always made to weave in the existing terrain and flora of place into the construction without disturbing the ecology. We have also gone to the extent of integrating these elements into the core architecture of the homes, making for a truly unique living experience.
Drainage and Erosion Control

Drainage and Erosion Control

The natural ecology of the areas is given special preference while planning the project. The variety of trees, shrubs and lawns which are native to the site are weaved into the plan to minimise the impact on the flora and fauna.

Material safety

Diesel, water proofing chemicals, fly ash and other such material are carefully stored to prevent land pollution.

Construction waste management

Debris and concrete waste is used in road and site leveling.

Alternative material

Resources like cement, steel, sand and timber are limited. That is why we always look for appropriate alternatives or methods to reuse them. This makes construction efficient and reduces the ecological impact.

Energy efficient lighting

Provisions of solar lights, CFL (or LEDs), timer-based auto control are made to reduce conventional power consumption.

Top soil conservation

Valuable black cotton soil, excavated during construction, is separated from other debris and given to nurseries for plantation.

Integrated Site Planning

Integrated Site Planning

Services like water supply, sewage treatment plant, gas bank, composting plant, and electrical lines are kept at a Safe operational distance from active areas for easy maintenance.