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Rohan Nilay

Aundh, pune

2/3 BHK Apartments

PLUS rating

Ventilation – 9.2 | Light – 9.2 | Privacy – 9.2 | Space – 9.2


Enjoy all the benefits of living in a bungalow at Rohan Nilay. Located in the beautiful, green pocket of Aundh these homes are built on a landscaped space of 65,000 sq ft. Surrounding the complex would be the chaste greenery of the University campus, the botanical garden, and the Virgin River. Each apartment opens out like the petal of a flower. As a result, there are no common walls. Openness from all sides and meticulous micro- planning ensures delivers all the benefits of PLUS Home.

Rohan Nilay

Its proximity to the Mumbai-Pune express way and connectivity to Shivaji nagar makes it more preferable to reside than other parts of the city. Aundh also has become famous for various modern and innovative places of recreation and indulgence. The presence of a gourmet food store - Fine foods, gymnasiums and a 3-star hotel. Aundh is a popular hangout destination for the cosmopolitan crowd of Pune. The area is also a major hub for business as there are many companies, high end showrooms, high end health clubs and recreational outlets. With its close proximity to schools in and around the area, Aundh offers an array of activity centers for children of various age groups.