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Good design, when done well, becomes invisible. When done poorly is instantly noticed. Our concept, PLUS Homes, reimagines design that creates comfort for you at the subconscious level. You will feel at home in a ROHAN home, without even noticing why. The concept of PLUS Home lays the foundation for every ROHAN home. PLUS stands for Perfect Ventilation, Lively Light, Utmost Privacy and Smart Space. We believe that a good home does not just have beautifully furnished rooms; it should also have sufficient ventilation, ample natural light, smart space usage and adequate privacy, the essential life-centric features that set PLUS Homes apart. PLUS Home designs are based on principles that ensure a healthy and comfortable life.

Plus Home

Perfect Ventilation

Fresh air is the soul of life. And so, natural ventilation is the most crucial aspect of our designs. A well-ventilated home enjoys lower temperature owing to seamless air flow between the indoors and the outdoors. Regular air passage also prevents condensation and thereby avoids moulding and rotting of furniture. Good ventilation ensures better health of the residents by minimising impurities like bacteria and dust, and also unpleasant odours and moisture content.

In a ROHAN home, you will find a cross-ventilation system with openings on opposite sides of every room. All round the clock, you can feel the cool wind breezing in through the open windows, air corridors and other architectural details, all specifically designed to bring in the great outdoors. Welcome to homes that are so open, they breathe life into you and everything around you.

Lively Light

What happens to a plant that is given generous amounts of sunlight and space to grow? It produces luscious green leaves, blooms vivid flowers, and grows to its maximum capacity. Now imagine the same conditions created within a home for you. ROHAN homes are built to usher in as much natural light as possible, making the most of the abundant sunlight our country is blessed with.

The advantages of natural light are plentiful – it makes every room warm and inviting, and gives you a sense of well-being since the body clock is in sync with the environment around. A naturally lit home would keep not just its residents healthy, but also the planet. When your home is generously washed in friendly sunlight, you never have to switch on the lights during the day. That is to say, you’d be saving on electricity, day after day. Our designers take special care in eliminating dark corners. And so, an additional source of natural light is created if light does not fall beyond 20 feet of the indoor space.

Utmost Privacy

Privacy is usually one of the primary compromises one has to make while living in an apartment complex. But not in a ROHAN home. A ROHAN home is tucked away from the prying eyes of neighbours; it’s designed to keep your private life absolutely private, it’s a place for intimate moments, carefree conversations and to live life on your own terms.

Through thoughtfully planned layouts, we create an exclusive world for you and your loved ones. The main entrance opens into a lobby and not the living room, so that an outsider doesn’t get a direct view to your house. The windows open to landscaped greenery or other open spaces and never to a neighbour’s window. In terms of privacy within the home, doors of adjacent rooms are placed at a comfortable distance from each other, ensuring you truly enjoy your personal space.

Smart Space

The common belief is that more space makes for a better home. A home-buyer pays for every square feet of space, but often it happens that certain pockets of space turn out to be purposeless. Fitting a piece of furniture into a square-shaped room or trying to make use of an unwanted corner are some of the challenges that thoughtless planning poses.

But in a ROHAN home, you’ll find the finesse of engineering in every square inch of space. The interiors are well thought-through and functionally designed to induce a feeling of openness. So much so that every bit of space inside the home can be effectively put to use, with absolutely no wastage.

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