Construction Quality


It’s all us, we don't outsource

Being industry stalwarts for 30 years, here’s how we have kept up the quality of our work.

It is all us, no outsourcing

Right from choosing the raw materials to making sure each finished wall is perfect in every way, we do it all ourselves! There is no outsourcing. Since we do not outsource any of the processes, we are sure of the quality of our product from the start to the finish.

Emblem of quality

We have been here for 30 years and our countless projects and customers can speak for our work. We are able to maintain the quality of our construction because of the robust systems and processes that are in place.

Trendsetters in technology

Technology is one of our biggest strengths. We are pioneers of Tunnel Form in India, and are always pushing ourselves to use the most cutting-edge, inventive methods possible to ensure that your home is the best it can be. Because technology takes centre-stage in our processes, manual errors are minimised and aesthetically finished outputs are promised. We use technology not just to enhance the construction quality, but also to make our buildings more modular and unique, so that you can tell when a building is ours just by a glance!

What sets us apart

We strive for the best for you by constantly adopting new materials and advanced engineering techniques. For instance, we add crystalline and ultrafine compounds to concrete in order to improve its durability and deliver a leak-free structure. The application of curing compound over RCC strengthens our concrete structures. Modern formwork systems, such as Aluminium Formwork, are used at current and upcoming projects for superior quality construction and timely delivery. Our tile adhesive manufacturing unit is in-house allowing us to have full control over the quality of the final product. To further maintain stringent quality standards, we have a dedicated quality testing lab, supervised by certified quality engineers, at our RMC plant as well as at construction projects, so that we only use the best quality material for you.

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