Top Builders in India: How to select a builder in India?

Building your own house is an important event of our life but it needs utmost care. You need to make sure that you are deeply involved in all the procedural steps during the construction, so as to get the quality and customize your house according to your needs. However, this whole venture is no walk in the park. This is why, it is extremely necessary for you to find a Trustworthy builder. Now choosing a top builder in India can get confounding, as there are so many options to choose from.

A thorough research on how to recognize whether the builder is reliable or not will always come handy before finalizing them. This will avoid any future glitches and also save your valuable investment as well as time. You just don’t want a builder that builds, but also look for someone who’s willing to adapt with your choices. So, here are some of the crucial factors you need to seek in a good-quality builder.

  1. Construction Quality: For this aspect, you need to check out the previous projects of the builder and inspect the quality of those buildings. Make sure to visit at least one or two of their projects. For example, if you have shortlisted few Builders in Pune, see who all are willing to provide you with their work references. If they are hesitant, you know you cannot trust them.
  • Inspecting construction features: Examine various sections of previous ventures like external aesthetic features, fittings, frames, quality of the paint, etc. Paint that seems to come off is a sign that the builder has compromised in quality and not utilized premium materials for painting. If you see cracks in the wall, it is a sign that may be the builder has used poor quality of concrete mixture. Check how much of open green spaces has been incorporated in the construction by the builder. Also, Energy-Efficient appliances used in a construction is a sign of a good builder. You can find several reputed builders in Pune and Bangalore who aim towards implementing Energy-efficient appliances and open space designs in their projects to cut-off on electricity bills.
  • Third-Party Opinion: Due to lack of thorough knowledge, some of you may not be able to find out any faults in the previous projects of a builder. What should you do then? If you want, you can appoint a third-party auditor and make him check the construction features for you. You can take his unbiased opinion on the quality of the build for reassurance. However, this process demands extra charges from you.
  1. Track Record: This aspect also concerns a developer’s past projects and what is the corresponding track record of different segments:
  • Legal Record: Constructed projects of a certain Builder must be compliant towards legal requirements. You can demand a copy of all of the necessary documents like No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from concerning authorities, NBC (National Building Code) compliance, etc. to avoid any legal activities taken against you in future. You can also check the fact whether the builder have had any complaints registered in the consumer court or known to have disputes with the investors in the past.
  • Testimonials: A good and reliable Builder will never hide their previously completed ventures from you; in fact they need to be proudly boasting about their work. So this is a major factor to consider. See if the builder is standing by their previously completed work and are ready to share references so that you can have a chat with one of the investors.
  • Insurance: For example, if you reside in Bangalore, make a list of Builders in Bangalore who carry a valid license. Next, what if some hazardous incident happens during the construction? A reliable builder will always be backed with a Construction Insurance to handle such situations capably.
  • Bankruptcy: Check whether the builder was ever declared to be bankrupt. It is a major warning sign that the builder might not be financially supported and can anytime leave your project halfway to be completed by someone else.
  1. Timely completion of the project:You can find many real estate developers in Bangalore that are renowned for their on-time completion of the projects. Also, see whether the builder has a proper scheduled workflow. You should be provided with starting scheduled date, end scheduled date along with details of every procedural step and when they will be executed.
  1. Architecture and Innovation: Check how much of architectural designs have been actually implemented by the Contractor in the previous project. For this, you can get in touch with other associates, architects, etc. who has past work experience with the contractor. A builder’s quality can also be identified through the modernization factor. How much of computerization and latest technologies have been applied to simplify the workflow, design and planning procedures is a great aspect to consider. Also, various systems installed to control and monitor the cost estimation, accomplishment of task schedules, etc. is a sign of a reputed builder. See whether the builder carries out Personal inspection, sets internal quality control systems, specifies the quality of the raw materials and regulates labour supplies.
  1. Builders Association: Builders who are an active member of various organizations like CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India), CIDC- CQRA Joint Ventures, etc. can be certainly trusted with and you can be rest assured of the quality of the construction. Reputed builders will be seeking certifications from such organisations to gain trust from investors. CREDAI shows Top builders in Pune and also List of builders in Bangalore that are in compliance with their quality requirements. You can also check CRISIL website where they rate the work of Developers based on various factors like Deliverability, Track Record, Financial strength, Organizational Risks, etc. Here you can find Star Ratings on top builders in Pune and also best builders in Bangalore to help you with your selections.
  1. Number of Projects: The best indication to recognize the quality of a builder is to know how many projects have been successfully accomplished by them; this will give you an idea as regards to their work experience and skills. Secondly, study how well their previous projects have been enduring with time. You can also have a conversation with one of the owners of the buildings to see whether the builder was cooperative, adaptable and responsive towards them.
  1. Website and Online presence: A Builder’s website will give you a deep insight as regards to the quality and dedication invested in their work. Check whether their website is up-to-date, has at least few genuine testimonials, comprises of all the necessary details as regards to their location, ongoing projects, completed projects, certification programs, contacting details, etc.
  1. Ask Questions: After all of the above assessment, you can finally ask some decisive questions to the builder to know whether they can be trusted with your dream home. These questions can include- who will supervise the Construction? Is the supervisor qualified enough to tackle the issues? What will be the building maintenance period? Will you be provided with a detailed quote? Also, ask whether you will be getting a complete written contract. How much of Customization can be done against standardization? And so on.

Final Words:

Building your dream house is the most substantial venture you will be investing in, throughout your life. Hence, it is very important that your investment is surrendered in secure and trustworthy hands. A builder who is responsible enough is cooperative towards your choices, allows customisation and has a reputation for completing projects on time without compromising with the quality of craftsmanship. Make sure you utilize these factors to recognize a top builder in India using the above guidelines.

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