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When you buy a home, you are making a major investment towards ensuring a better quality of life for your family and yourself. Naturally, you are entitled to expect your home to provide you a good quality healthy lifestyle. At Rohan, we design our homes, putting ourselves in your shoes and imagining ourselves as future residents.

At Rohan, we pride ourselves in being engineers and use a systematic approach towards designing your dream home. As a result of this approach, which involved lots of research, design and visualizing ourselves as end users, we have come up with our PLUS Homes philosophy. PLUS stands for Perfect Ventilation, Lively Light, Utmost Privacy and Smart Spaces: the essential elements of good and healthy living.

Let us now take a look at each of these elements in detail.

Perfect Ventilation

Why do you need ventilation? : Fresh air is the soul of life. This fact has made the provision of natural ventilation the most crucial aspect of our designs. A well-ventilated home enjoys lower temperature owing to seamless air flow between the indoors and the outdoors. This, in turn, reduces dependency on fans and air conditioners, bringing down those pesky electricity bills and helping you save on maintenance costs.

In addition, regular air passage prevents condensation and thereby, avoids moulding and rotting of furniture. Good ventilation also ensures better health of the residents by controlling and removing impurities like bacteria and dust, unpleasant odour and moisture content.

How do we bring about perfect ventilation? : At Rohan, we take care of ventilation both within your apartment complex and within your home. We design the buildings in clusters, with a space of 15 to 20 meters between them. This creates an air corridor, which allows the fresh air to freely circulate without encountering any obstruction.

Inside your home, cross-ventilation is taken care of with the provision of large windows or openings on opposite sides in each room. Each of the windows open to the outside, facing either the city or the landscaped gardens and not to other parts of the building. As a result, all round the clock, you can feel the cool wind breezing in through the open windows, air corridors and other architectural details, all specifically designed to bring in the great outdoors.

Lively Light

How does natural light benefit me? : Natural sunlight is an excellent source of energy, keeping you healthy and improving your productivity. When lots of sunlight floods your home, you need not ever switch on the lights during the day. You end up saving on electricity bills, while also helping the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

How do we bring natural light to your home? : By usage of large windows opening to the outside in each room, we ensure an obstruction free flow of natural light to completely cover your home. Our engineers take special care to eliminate any dark corners in the house. If light does not fall beyond 20 feet of the indoor space, an additional source of natural light is created. Unnecessary internal passages, likewise, have been removed to ensure effective lighting.

Utmost Privacy

How does privacy matter? : Nowadays, one spends most of their time in social interactions, whether at work or elsewhere. Your home becomes your personal space, the only place where you can be yourself, without interference. Your home must provide you peace of mind and the freedom to pursue whatever you wish to do. Often, one needs to compromise on privacy when deciding to live in an apartment complex. This is not the case in a Rohan home.

Our role in maintaining your privacy: Through carefully placed windows and masterfully planned layouts, we create an exclusive world for you and your loved ones.

Our homes are designed such that the main entrance does not open directly into any room and hence, no outsider can get a complete view of your home. The windows open to landscaped greenery or other open spaces and never to a neighbours’ window. Balconies are equipped with extended walls, ensuring no one can eavesdrop on you.

Privacy from others at home is also taken care of by placing common areas such as the living room, kitchen such a way to ensure you are not disturbed by movement of others.

Smart Spaces

Are you getting the home you have paid for? : It is commonly believed that more space makes for a better home. As a home-buyer, you pay for every square feet of space, but often, you find that certain pockets of space turn out to be purposeless. Fitting a piece of furniture into a square-shaped room or trying to make use of an unwanted corner are among some of the challenges posed by thoughtless planning.

You end up with certain areas of your home looking empty, but which cannot be put to use. Conversely, your living areas often appear to be too cramped with furniture. Improper space utilization spoils the charm of your home.

How have we designed your home ‘smartly’? : In a Rohan home, you’ll find the finesse of our engineering in every square inch of space provided. The interiors are well thought-through and functionally designed to induce a feeling of openness. So much so that every bit of space inside the home can be effectively put to use, with absolutely no wastage.

Each of the rooms in your home is designed, keeping in mind the proper fitting of your furniture, while ensuring ease of movement around the room. This provides you convenience, without compromising on your comfort at the same time.

All Rohan homes reflect our core engineering ethos and aim to give you the best value for your money. Our mantra of “Great Living, Engineered” is embodied in these PLUS homes, which serve as our USP.

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