Great Living, Engineered

It has been 23 years since Rohan had its modest start with Abhimashree (Our first residential project in Pune), now we enter the 24th year with the beginning of 2016. As we step into a New Year and fresh beginnings, I call it the best time to renew my connection with you: our readers, peers and well-wishers. May 2016 augur happiness, prosperity and growth.

Over these 23 years I have had the pleasure of working with the best of minds with whom I have learnt, experimented and developed; and I can proudly say that Rohan has grown from being a small family owned business to a real estate and infrastructure conglomerate.

The overall spirit has always been that of optimism, innovation and doing things differently to ensure that we deliver more than expected to our customers Rohan Builders is driven by our experience and proven track record of handling challenges, initiating path-breaking innovations and delighting clients.

Rohan Builders was founded in 1993, at a time when the country was riding the liberalization wave. Our first big break came with a construction project for the Coca Cola factory in Pune. Working for an MNC exposed us to high efficiency and quality control coupled with timely completion. As we went on to cement more associations with multi-national companies – taking cue from the consumer pull they enjoy by virtue of a strong reputation and brand name – we also aimed at building an unmatched image and goodwill for Rohan Builders in the real estate and construction business we made honest efforts towards designing innovative plans for properties that sprung from customer interests with a firm spine based on the science of engineering.

For instance, back in 2001, we observed a growing demand for corner flats which typically promised optimum use of space, natural lighting and grand views. So when we were planning for one of our earlier projects, Rohan Garima, we became the first to incorporate “Perfect ventilation, Lively Light, Utmost Privacy and Smart Space” and no common walls between flats –which soon became popular as the PLUS concept. Today, all Rohan Builders Properties are based on the PLUS philosophy and offer this hard-to-come-by USP as a given. It takes us closer to our vision of making every apartment breathe the benefits of a corner flat.

Rohan Group’s excellence in design & innovation is also weaved into the nation’s infrastructure – the Amritsar Wagah NH1 that connects India to Pakistan, and other roads, tunnels, bridges across Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, to cite a few. It has also led large multinational clients such as Coke, Pepsi, HUL, ITC, Bajaj, Tata, Mahindra, Cairn to trust Rohan Group with repeat orders.

Recently we introduced Tunnel form technology in our real estate projects, which will enable us to deliver a high quality product at a much faster rate, reducing the delivery time. All of this has earned us a DA 2+ rating by CRISIL for the past 7 years I can tell you that these principles are everything what the group stands for today. What we have in store for the future only plans to exceed it by leaps and bounds.

With initiatives like Real Estate Bill, Make in India, Affordable Housing 2020, and others, the future of India is looking up, and so is the real estate industry. “Great Living” seems very much within reach. Today, a consistent referral rate of 32% indicates how our customers entrust us with their dreams. Add to this, our commitment toward timely completion and after sales services has won the confidence of the market.

Personally, I have always likened building projects to nurturing a baby. From the birth of our design and architecture, to delivering on our vision with best resources in tow and being at the receiving end of praise and compliments from the residents of Rohan- it is a journey filled with love, care and pride. This, for me, is “Great Living, Engineered”!

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