Construction worker’s welfare program

May 29, 2024

AROGYA DHAN focuses on Promoting the health of underprivileged children of migrant construction workers.

The main objective is to a. promote healthy growth and development of children from migrant communities. b. Promote the healthy growth of the fetus right from conception.

Under this project, we are covering 12 sites with an outreach of 1913 children and 465 women (Pregnant women and lactating mothers)

The creative approaches are.

Engaging Parents:

  • After day-long hard work at the construction sites, often the mothers are left with no enthusiasm and energy to feed their children. Knowing this situation extra efforts were made through food demonstrations, food exhibitions, group games, and participatory focussed group discussions to encourage mothers to pay attention to children’s nutrition.
  • Implemented actions to enhance nutritional value for children at the center include:
  • Introduction of in-house, low-cost, culturally acceptable special feed to combat malnutrition, leading to improved child health.
  • Developments of a new porridge formula provided with medical care and guidance to mothers on proper child feeding and WASH practices.
  • Replacement of dry snacks with freshly cooked snacks in the evening, along with the inclusion of fresh fruits three times a week.
  • Monitoring and ensuring the consistency of food to enhance palatability for children below 2 years old.
  • Incorporation of variety in the weekly menu, featuring seasonal vegetables, dals, legumes, and grainsTop of Form

Collaboration with Govt. Services :

  • Linkages with Health Services to ensure the maximum number of children receive age-appropriate vaccination
  • Pregnant women are guided to complete their registration in Govt Hospitals for institutionalized deliveries.
  • Rapport builds with Public health care centres, and Govt Hospitals to avail timely services such as hospital registration for pregnant women and medical treatment.

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