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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Business is growth for everyone. In our case, it’s not just for employees and partners, but also for homebuyers, communities and our overall society. At Rohan, we undertake social initiatives to fulfill 6 primary goals: Health Hygiene, Education, Nutrition, Recreation, and Economic Empowerment of Women. They form an integral part of our organisation’s cooperate philosophy.

Financial basics training session for site labour women at Rohan Abhilasha.


Behind The Beautiful Forevers: Development of Migrant Labourers

Labourers are the true drivers of the construction industry. We try our best to ensure the well-being and all-round development of our labourers with this program. We work in the following areas for this group: HEALTH & HYGIENE, EDUCATION, NUTRITION, RECREATION and ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN.

Site labour children attending day school at Rohan Mithila.

Behind The Beautiful Forevers: Development of Migrant Laborers

AAROHAN: For the safety & well-being of the children living at our construction sites, we have partnered with Tara Mobile Crèches (TMCP) and Doorstep, organisations that specialize in day care services for children of migrant construction workers. With their knowledge, we provide nutrition, education, health and recreation facilities to these kids.

Informal education centre at Rohan Abhilasha, decorated voluntarily by Rohan staff.

ADULTS: We arrange regular Health check-up camps, HIV awareness programs and substance de-addiction workshops. We work a lot around hygiene and taboos surrounding menstruation in women. We have recently opened a recreation center equipped with carom boards and other gaming equipment that the laborers use in their free time.

Rohan staff distributing Diwali gifts for the site labour camp women and children at Rohan Abhilasha.

WOMEN: Economic empowerment of women goes a long way in bringing about the desired changes in the community. With this thought in mind, we have introduced financial literacy and livelihood generation programs for the women on the site itself. These include making and selling paper bags and organic farming.

Rohan staff educate site labour women and girls about menstrual health.

Points of Light

The program aims at fulfilling social aspirations of our employees and creates a strong, shared value-system at Rohan. Under this initiative, the employees engage in social activities through 3 different types of programs: Mentorship Program, Sustainable change in Communities and Donation Drives.

Under the Mentorship program, on each Saturday, volunteers spend 2 hours out of regular working time with children from our construction sites. They work together to build life skills, value systems, academic skills, high motivation levels and many other skills that children need to develop for their own progress.

Mobile digital library at Rohan Mithila. This provides basic computer training for the site labour children.

Development of Adivasi Community in the Mulshi Region

We found that the ‘Katkari’ community living in the Mulshi region is detached from development and education. Children walk many kilometers just to reach school. This is a community that is gradually fading away because of health and unemployment issues too. Rohan has taken up the mantle of developing this community through various sustainable plans.

Site labour children at Rohan Abhilasha.

Development of Adivasi Community in the Mulshi Region