Quality & Technology



We always have one question on our minds ‘How can we build this best?’ Driven by a passion for excellence in quality, our robust in-house quality team is always on their toes to give you the best – whether it’s in workmanship, materials or customer satisfaction.

A quality assurance plan is submitted and agreed upon before the project begins. The plan is then adhered to by a meticulous quality control team, which has stage-wise milestones defined, to ensure the project is completed with the best resources, within timelines and with minimum errors. The quality assurance head directly reports administratively to the project coordinator and functionally to the director, making quick action possible.

Learning from mistakes

When we make mistakes, we make sure to learn from them so we can analyze and nurture the gaps in the process. ‘Where are we going wrong’ is a question we are not afraid to ask. We have a framework that allows us to identify problems and correct them so that the Non-Confirming Report (NCR) can be minimized. There is a CAPA (corrective action, preventive action) plan in place so that we can come closer to our goal of delivering a defect-free product.

Technology is our friend

We use technology to achieve our greatest ambition: outstanding quality. We strictly adhere to all manual processes and augment automation techniques to further track quality, making it a part of our culture. With technology on our side, ensuring quality becomes a responsibility that must be done precisely and meticulously.

Continuous innovation

Continuous improvement in our technology and processes is at the heart of how we grow. We prefer to keep up with the times. Since our inception, till date, we have been at the forefront of innovations and value-adding transformations. Be it related to products, processes, people or places, we have strived to harness best practices to ensure that we set benchmarks that resonate with the global community.


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