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The benefit of design
Rohan Builders believes in being different. Their PLUS Home design is Rohan’s very own design approach; an innovation unique to all Rohan home, no matter which part of the world they are. PLUS stands for Perfect ventilation, Lively light, Utmost privacy and Smart space.

Across their properties, Rohan sticks to this fresh design approach. More natural sources of light are incorporated to fill the interiors with natural light. Because we understand that light from any one source do not reach more than 20 feet from the source. We make sure that there is more than one source of light inside your home. It’s like looking at life in a new light.
At Rohan, homes are not just four walls and a roof. Good ventilation results in fresh air supply inside the house. Large openings like doors, windows, courtyards are positioned such that they create optimum cross-ventilation, keeping the air always fresh.

Thanks to the PLUS homes design approach, space is utilized smartly in a Rohan home. The living room and dining area are placed at a right angle (L shaped), and the living room is in a proportion of 1:15 so that they don’t feel confined and narrow. Further the number of passages are reduced, resulting in more living space overall – each one in the family gets his share of space, Space is all that matters.

Rohan’s PLUS design ensures that wherever you are in the house, you are bound to receive natural light and have a view directly outside.

Your world is invaded; you live in the fear of hidden cameras and peeping eyes. But not when you are in your Rohan home. The unique design ensures that your windows do not open into neighboring window. A foyer at the entrance ensures that visitors don’t run straight into your living or dining area. Privacy is ensured within your Rohan home through proper placements of rooms. You live in your own space, so the next time you want to spend a quiet evening with your family, choose the terrace attached.

Rohan’s unique design approach has set a new trend in the way homes are designed.