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  Infrastructure Projects
Building Nation
Together We Can.
We are one of the major contributors in nation building process by developing civil infrastructure projects. We are pioneers in constructing, maintaining and managing the infrastructure projects. Our foray into developing of highways to tunnels and bridges to regional development programs, from Bus terminal to public transport systems, has improved the quality of life and had contributed to sustainable economic growth.

We have developed some of the best processes and technologies in the industry, which has resulted in assuring the best quality levels while meeting tight schedules on the most challenging projects. In addition, Rohan is experienced in helping to form public-private partnerships that bring together the resources of government and the private sector for new projects.

Our built-in facilities encompass virtually every process technology available. This expertise—coupled with strategic alliances with vendors, optimum utilization of resources available — make us to deliver the best output with low costs on both new construction and up gradation of the infrastructure projects.